How I can delete empty line after table in Writer? - not resolved, pity

I just tried all listed remedies in nothing worked.

Also added a comment to the bug report

Workaround I just used: make the font of the last line, which cannot be deleted as small as possible then the error doesn’t appear so obviously.

v4.0.3.3 portable on XP/SP3 not solved

However comment 12 in bug fdo#60967 indicates that in the next build (after 2013-05-17 22:22:22 UTC ) there is a solution implemented.

Here is an unfriendly workaround which may require understanding the simple XML syntax. Open the document with an archive manager and edit the inbound file content.xml. Find the end of your table and delete the subsequent sequence which takes the form <text:p text:style-name="P5"> ... </text:p>.

Be careful for working within the editor with the about of the edit may revert the changes.