How I can delete empty line after table in Writer?

For example I want use table in headers and footers, but each time I got empty line after table and should make font size to 1pt or smaller for getting something around.

I am here to save your day.

Based on this article I have come up with a simpler idea to get rid of the blank page than transforming the table into text and backwards (with this method the second blank page appears again after any simple editing of the table, so it’s almost useless).

The link above will give you one useful comment:

You can never “delete” a page. OOo Writer does not allow you to manipulate pages at all. The page is there because there is document content that needs someplace to appear, so another page is needed. If you hide the final, empty paragraph, or make it small enough so that it fits on the same page as your table, the extra page is not necessary and it will not appear.

So, all you need to do is to move your cursor to the beginning of your empty page and see which font is used and its size. Minimize the font size to 1pt and your second page will most likely disappear. If it doesn’t find more ways to make up free space for the table on the first page. You can widen your margins a little, too.

Good luck.

Isn’t this useless empty paragraph (no one created, so hard to remove) a major bug?

problem remains with lo 5.0. i don’t have a page issue but have to change the unwanted paragraph after my table can only be reduced to 6. my tables are within frames & the alt+enter in the 1st or last cell doesn’t always work.

put the cursor at the end of the last cell of the table, then press <ctrl>+<shift>+<del>

To insert a paragraph again, put the cursor at the end of the last cell and press <alt>+<enter>

Ok for +
but ++ does not work for me.

"Ctrl+Shift+Del" still works for me with version 3.5.7, but not any longer with version 3.6.3.

See also → Bug 45784 - Removing empty lines after a table

Don’t working in too. Also I see that is not stable functionality. That’s bad.

you have to have the cursor on the end of content in the last cell of the table… not on the extra line as one would think. worked for me.

What is the right shortcut for a Mac with a standard keyboard (i.e. no numeric keypad)?

Works perfectly, for me. Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS, Keyboard QWERTY set as English International with alternate keys. Cursor at the end of content last row.

works for me with LO on Ubuntu 17.04

Excellent!! ⌘+⇧+Fn+Del on Mac keyboards (LO 5.3.6).

Bug 45784 - Removing empty lines after a table

has been marked as a duplicate of

Bug 60967 - EDITING: Table shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Del ineffective cannot delete following paragraph of a table.

EDIT 2013-05-18/2014-08-29



target: 4.3.0 · 4.2.5 · 4.1.0 · 4.0.4 · 3.6.7

Comment #33 by Michael Stahl 2014-05-02:

"fixed the empty-paragraph case from
comment #26.

for the paragraph at end of document
case (comment #24 and #30) i’ve done a
bit of testing and found that there
are quite a few things that break if
the document does not end with a

  • Load Styles crashes
  • Insert->Footnote then Insert->Index (in the table cell) crashes
  • Select All has numerous problems (and probably requires a special handling similar to table-at-start-of-document, cf. bug
    37606), Select All then Delete will
    crash too
  • ODF export works but ODF import adds a trailing paragraph
  • Word is apparently unable to end the document with a table, so there’s an
    interop issue
  • save as DOC, reopen with LO the table is gone

so i am resolving this bug as FIXED,
please file a new bug for the case at
document end."

There is an answer in the French FAQ:

The idea is to convert the table in text with tabulations → remove the last paragraph → convert the text in table.

To convert table <-> text: menu Table > Convert.

A smart workaround …

It’s work, but not useful. Dear developers, could you create normal function or just add ability delete empty line?

@VitaliyAT: Please contribute to fdo#45784.

I confirm this method does work. It is all I needed. I made a table and it produced an empty page. I put the pointer in the last cell of the table, I chose Tables > Transform (could be different, mine is in Russian) > Table to text and vice versa. I transformed the table into text, then deleted the invisible character (Ctrl + F10). When I made it a table again,. there was only one page, not 2. Use this wisdom.