How I can drop to default (to parent's) font in style?

I made my styles and found that some style in middle have his own font style. I want that parent style determine this. How I can do it?

Let I enplane little bit more. We have three styles: S1, S2 and S3. S2 it’s child of S1, S3 it’s child of S2. S1 have only font directions, S2 should have only addition about font size directions, S3 have additions about colors.

We took and said that S2 has directions about font also. After some time we understand that it was wrong - it should be the same font as S1 and take directions about it from S1. We want drop font directions to default. How possible do it?

I feel the need to ask a few questions to get a chance to give you an answer.

Which type of styles did you make?
How did you make them?
What means “some styles in the middle”?

I recommend you to look into the Writer manual

I found nothing about drop to default in this book.

Maybe here:

image description

It will be just link to parent style, but nothing will be drop to default in such style.

After select the Linked with, click [standar] bottom and in the Font tab too.