How I can remove large gaps between words?

They appear when I inserting a link to document, or when i writing the words before or after link and then I clicking space. The text must be justified, because these are the requirements of the people to whom I send the work.

This is a consequence of justifying lines with “huge” words leaving rather few space characters to expand. Each individual space receives a large expansion.

The “huge” word is your hyperling which cannot be split because it is seen as an atomic unit by Writer.

You have two possibilities:

  • if you don’t really need to show the URL in the document, instead of typing it, Insert>Hyperlink

    Type the destination in the URL: entry box and a descriptive name in Text. You keep thus the hyperlink (with Ctrl+click) on the words you typed in Text. Since they are ordinary words between spaces, this will be more compatible with justification.

  • if you really need to quote the URL, proceed as above with a short name in Text: like “link” or “there” (and word the preceding sentence accordingly)

    Then add the URL between parenthesis, taking care not to turn it into an hyperlink (right-click and Remove Hyperlink may be useful). Inside the sequence of characters of the URL, Insert>Formatting Mark>No-width Optional Break or Ctrl+/ (one or more) to give the line break/justify algorithm opportunities to break this huge word at positions you control.

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