How I do to calculate percentages on LibreOffice?


When I used Excel, I knew that I had to make =(value+value) to add numbers and percentages. The problem is that when I do it for LibreOffice calc, it seems that the result gives “VALUE!”,

I recommend you to check the image that I sent so that you could better understand my problem,

Thanks you to answer me!

Screenshot from 2019-05-04 17-41-49.png

What’s the point of the brackets? Try mere =E2 + F2 instead.

I just tried it, but it displays the same thing. I don’t understand that this is so different from Excel. Probably that I should learn to use further Calc and probably that I could find the solution.

Share the file.

I solved my issue. It was because I added a “,” instead of “.” to my numbers.

Screenshot from 2019-05-04 19-22-09.png

you already answered your question,

just to have it in an answer instead of a comment:

while you are using an english? ‘locale’, input like 8.35% with a ‘point’ is evaluated as a number, while 8,35% with a ‘comma’ instead is interpreted as text.

it’s the other way around in most other - european - locale settings.