how insert an image or photo acquired directly from a webcam?

I need to insert image/images in a frameframes in a writer or calc or base document directly from a webcam; is it possible?
I know i can insert images from a scanner ( menu: insert / media / acquire / select source ) but when i try to insert from a different source it don’ t work.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks Regina,

Operating system i use is Xbuntu 16.04 32 bit version,

Webcam works fine with an application called guvcview.
I wont insert webcam shots ( in low resolution) in documents like libreoffice writer or libreoffice calc where i describe items illustrated in the photo shots.

Thank you Regina,
Ok, so, he only way to do my work is store images or photo in a file then load it in my documents.

Please tell us, which operating system you use, which LibreOffice version and whether it is a 32-bit or 64-bit version. In which other application does the webcam work as expected? How do you use the webcam in that application?

LibreOffice is not able to take the input from a webcam directly, but you need to store the video or photo. Then you can use them. I’m not familiar with Linux, but on Windows neither Microsoft Office nor SoftMaker Office can take input from a webcam. The question is, whether there exists a common interface for webcams, similar as ‘twain’ for scanners. I don’t know.