How install new LO version to *replace* current one (on Mac)?

In all the installation instructions I’ve seen I haven’t yet found one about installing a new LO version to replace an existing one.

On a Mac, can you just delete and then continue from there as if installing LO for the first time?


You normally don’t need to delete/uninstall LibreOffice (or any program for that matter) on the Mac. Download LibreOffice from, open the .dmg file and drag the LibreOffice icon to the Applications folder. If LibreOffice is already installed, you’ll be asked if you want to either replace, keep both or cancel. If you select “Replace” you are effectively updating the existing installation.

If you decide you want to uninstall the existing LibreOffice by dragging the app to the Trash be aware that you’ll leave behind various existing settings and preferences.

Great, thanks. I assume then that there’s no reason to ever ‘uninstall’ LO (or any other program) unless you want to completely discontinue using it?

If you did want to do that how would you get rid of those “existing settings and preferences”?