How is the highlight color of a text style edited in Writer?

I just recently had a problem with my Text Body style in one document. It unfortunately appears to have been modified without my knowing, and now when I use it for text within that document, it becomes italicized, the font turns light gray, and the highlight color is green (instead of the default invisible).

By editing the style, I could return the font color back to black and remove the italics, but there’s one thing option I couldn’t find in the dialogue box: highlight color. Sure, there’s background color, but it’s completely different (not that I didn’t try to change the highlighting using that option).

Where’s the option to change highlight color?

The highlight color is defined in a character style, not a paragraph style.

Yeah, I read a bit about that, but when I tried to clear the character style of the text, it was still green. Also, I don’t know for others but the fact that the highlight color is defined as a character background color is a little unintuitive, at least compared to being its own color.