How know much memory cache needed

I am working on a Writer document with track changes enabled. I know that making the changes visible takes less memory but I prefer to work with less clutter and do not want the changes to be visible.

Currently the memory caches are set for 460 MB, 10 MB per object, and 80 objects. The document can still be slow so I am assuming that there are upper settings beyond which it does not matter how much memory is reserved, performance will not improve significantly.

Any insights on how much memory it makes sense to reserve would be appreciated.

There are often advises about tweaking Memory options in LO to improve this and that. But actually the settings are rather obsolete, and are considered by many developers as confusing and useless. I’d advise against changes here, because I never met a strong evidence of such changes making measurable good.

Additionally, the Memory tab in LO is about images and objects (like OLE). It’s not related to e.g. track changes.

Thank you, Mike for the helpful reply.

My understanding of memory use is quite limited and I would like to understand better. Track changes can be slow, especially when the changes are not made visible. I therefore assumed that it requires significant memory on its own. Additionally, many images and objects require more memory, thus increasing total memory use. Aren’t they related in that sense?

Any further insights, especially about enabling track changes to work more quickly?Thanks,

There is no memory limit in LibreOffice other than system limit. 32-bit LO can use as much memory as possible for 32-bit process (it’s ~1.7 GB on Windows). 64-bit LO may use much more. And it will allocate as much memory as required to hold its data (until no more memory available, when it’ll either swap excessively, or crash). It will not stop allocating memory because of any Memory tab settings.

Memory tab deals with image/object caches. It controls how long “unused” objects (i.e. those which were unloaded after use) will remain in memory (to quickly become available when user scrolls back to see that graphic again). Those settings don’t relate to track changes.

I may only advise to have more memory, use 64-bit LO, and file bug reports about bad performance to our Bugzilla. (A bug report must contain either clear steps how to force LO to become slow, or a sample file to test.)

I have 64-bit LO, 8 gigs of memory, and am working on a 1.3 MB document. Track changes is turned on and show changes is turned off. When I type, there are sometimes delays.
Every once in a while, a message comes up saying that the program would work more quickly if show changes were turned on. The fact that such a message exists suggests that there is something about track changes (with show changes turned off) that either takes a lot of memory or that otherwise slows the program.

I would appreciate some insight about what causes the speed to slow like this and if there is anything I can do to prevent this from happening.