how long support Libre Office ??i

Hi I Nyi , I want to know Libre Office support how many year in one version ?? Thank you for your valuable time

It’s unclear what do you mean when writing “support”. LibreOffice major version (X.Y, e.g. 6.2) is supported - in the sense that bugfix minor releases are made on a schedule - for ~1 year. In this time span, it is released first as “Fresh”, i.e., not that much battle-tested, co-existing with “Still” branch (6.1), which was released 6 months ago already, and had received 4 bugfix releases to that time. The Fresh release gets own bugfix releases, and in 6 months becomes Still (=“ready for enterprise rollout”) - it’s the time when previous Still version reaches End-of-Life. The newly-Still version will get a couple more bugfix releases, and then, in another half-year, will reach its own End-of-Life - which means that TDF will not release new bugfix releases for that version anymore. This, however, doesn’t mean that one can’t use it as long as one needs: we have a download archive, where anyone can get any version of LibreOffice ever released.

On the other hand, one can opt to get paid support from certified professionals - and the terms of that support (dependent on the contract) may include much longer support cycle.

In addition to @mikekaganski: Release Plan