How make border color automatic in Writer?

I work with a dark document background. All of the font colors are set to automatic, so that they will be white on a dark background and dark on a light background.

However, there does not appear to be an automatic color option for borders. Is that correct?

If so, is there a work-around to get the border color to be automatic?

A text in something drawn on some background (e.g., on cell’s, paragraph’s, frame’s, or page’s). If that background has some color, it’s possible to come with an “automatic” font color that is contrast on the given background. There are cases when it’s not easy though, like a complex background with bitmaps or hatches, but that is relatively rare.

On the other hand, a border is a line which separates one area (with possibly some background color set) from another area (also possibly colored). It is very easy to come to a situation when a color contrast relative to inner area isn’t contrast relative to outer area. So, given the specific of the line being between likely different colors, the “automatic” border color would be much more often confusing to users.

Thank you for the explanation, Mike.

I should have specified that I would like this for creating a line under a heading. So the goal would be for the line color to match the font color, not to separate colors. In this case, the “automatic” color should not be confusing to readers.

Thanks again.

I do not know any way to color the border automatically. But you can set up a border manually and then copy it several times.

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“Automatic” has different meanings, at least in LibreOffice English. In this case, I am referring to the specific color option for fonts that makes the color contrast with the background. I find it useful but it is not available for borders.