How make cells to be calculated?

if the contents of one cell is “2+3”
how I can let LOOC calculate it and give me result “5”
I know if i enter “=” in the beginning of cell it will calculate that cell, but I have many cells like that, how to solve it?


You can use Find & Replace to insert automatically the “=” in the relevant cells:

  • Select the cells
  • EditFind & Replace
  • Search For: .*
  • Replace With: =&
  • Unfold Other options
  • Check Current selection only & Regular expressions
  • Click Replace All

Explanations: check Regular expressions tells Calc to use .* and & as “codes”. The first means “any character”, whatever the number. The second means “same thing”. So we replace the cell contents, whatever it is, with an equal sign followed by the original content.


What about search all (not Current selection only) with ^[^=].+?

@JohnSUN - Well, I suppose that there are cells containing values and texts, which are not to be converted into formulas (#REF)

Yes, you’re absolutely right, I did not consider this variant. In this case, it could be replaced by =IF(ISREF(&);"&";&). But it will turn the whole sheet in unreadable nonsense…