How may I append data from Calc to an existing table in Base?

Hi, I have a problem with this. Sadly I did not find any example and I even tried to read the Base manual, but I did not find how to append data efficiently.
The situation is this:
I have a calc file, with 37 rows (that would be 37 records in a Base table)
Of course, in the calc file I don’t have a primary key, I only have columns with the data.
Several columns, 37 rows. All that with data.
What I did is to copy and paste all those data in Base and I followed the assistant, copied all the data, added the primary key, also copied all the column’s data in the new Base table, etc.
So what I have in base is a perfect copy of what I have in Calc, showing in Base all the columns with their names, all the rows of data perfectly copied and also (and this is only in Base) I have a new column, with the primary key created and all the numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… for every record (row).
Now how may I append new data from Calc to that table in Base?
In calc I don’t have a primary key, so when I try to copy and append data, I always get errors.
How may I append new data that eventually I could have in Calc to my Base table?

Add an empty column to your Calc sheet, in front of your other columns, i.e. as the first column.