How merge cell content in Libre Calc?

For example, I have cell content in columns A, B, & C and I wanted a few or all of the rows cell content merged into column A. How can I do it?

The better way is to use string concatenation.

Let’s say B1 is “It’s” and C1 is “cool”, then ="I know, " & B1 & " " & C1 will show “I know, It’s cool”

If there are numbers which you need special formatting for, then

="Length is " & FORMAT(B1, "0,0") & " mm"

Free tip of the day: Now if you for some reason want to drop the original fields for some reason and leave only the values to this concatenated column, copy it and Edit → Paste special with only “Values” selected.

Oh yeah - that’s the better way – thanks for this (and the tip, too)! FWIW, to concatenate colums B1 and C1 with a space between into a new cell, the syntax is: = B1 & " " & C1

@dajare, I’m glad it helped :slight_smile:

Highlight the cells you want to merge, then right-click. You will get this menu: note the “Merge” option:

Select that option. When you get the prompt: “Should the contents of the hidden cells be moved into the first cell?”, click “Yes”.

You need to do this on a row-by-row basis. Calc will merge ALL highlighted cells. If you have a lot of cells to merge, you might want to record a macro to automate the process.

There might be a better way, but this is the one I know. Hope that helps!

That would be awesome if this feature still existed. I have LIbreOffice (Ubuntu) and there is no option to merge cells.

@fijiaaron - What’s holding you back from updating? I’m also on Ubuntu, and now have V.!