How modifying barcode extension in Draw to install it into Writer ?

Hello Everybody,

Here is the problem:

I need to use LibreOffice to create labels that display specifically TWO important informations:

  1. a EAN13 barcode

  2. a date field with offset : for example, I insert a date field and specify an offset representing an expiry date of 10 days that will be automatically updated at the printing time

The barcode extension on the link below works great on Draw.


  • that Draw I cannot figure out how to insert a variable date field containing the offset for expiry date.

  • that Writer can handle perfectly the variable date field with the offset expiry date BUT cannot handle the barcode extension !

So, what I would like to do is to find a way to :

  • modify the barcode extension for it to be usable in Writer

  • or find a way to make Draw handle variable date field that can handle offset for expiry date

  • or find an other solution on ubuntu

Please help, I am not familiar with extension development, and I have seen it was based on Python. Is there a simple way to modify the barcode extension to make it handled by Writer ?

Thank you so much in advance for your accurate answer