How much estimated U.S content including components and design/development work?

I’d like to use LibreOffice for the U.S sanction/embargoed countries. One of the key questions is how much estimated US content including components and design/development work? If it’s under 10% then that would be great to use. Thank you.

(this question has been retagged meta because common implies a difficulty in using all components of the suite, which is not the case for this question)

Could you give a legal reference to the definition of “US contents”?

By definition, LibreOffice is a free and open source software, meaning it is developed from non-proprietary components. You should read first the licenses and see if there is any apparent conflict. Since this a legal question, very precise legal definition of terms is needed. So you should also compare to the US embargo decision.

… and asking a legal advise on a user-to-user Q&A site is generally unreasonable. is the best place to send your legal questions (mentioned on How to use this Ask site).