How much is too much DATA in 1 document


I currently have 60 sheets in one document full of data: 1000 rows each. column A - column ZZ

How much info / data can a document hold before it will shut down or no longer open.

This tragedy can happen at any moment. File size is not the only reason for the crash. How much space your file occupies on disk? How many formulas in the workbook? How many different types of cell design and text?..

There aren’t real limits the way you think (sure, there’s a hard row and column limit; I think it was per sheet) and it it’s closer to impossible to tell what factors it depends on.

For example, I’ve opened extremely massive OpenDocument files on one computer which didn’t break a sweat, but another computer which could be way better than the previous one chokes even upon mentioning a fraction of that file.

With a 64-bit build it’s more or less a question of RAM and available free memory. An empty sheet takes ~250KB, an ordinary cell with numeric content takes ~10-20 bytes, a cell with text the text length plus ~10-15 bytes, a cell containing a formula expression easily 100 bytes and more, depending on the complexity of the expression. It takes more memory if different cell types alternate within one column. Plus formatting takes some memory. Conditional formatting more. Each Undo step takes memory, depending on what an edit changes and what the change affects.

Do the math: (60 sheets * (702 columns * 1000 rows = 702000 cells)) = 42120000 cells), with each cell at least 20 bytes = 842400000 bytes, plus 60 sheets * 256KB = 15360000 bytes, in total 857760000. Add text and formulas … you’re probably at 1GB to 1.5GB (or more). Check with your system’s process viewer.