How much to charge for a Libreoffice database project?

Hello everyone, I developed a Nursing Consultation System, as I am a nursing student. I would like to sell my System to nurses and nursing students in my city. How much and how could you charge for this system?

Below is a demo video.


Thank you very much in advance!

This site is for assisting with the use of the office suite. You may want to look elsewhere for business advice.

Everything is fine. Do you have any websites to recommend me for this advice?

In these times of full grown software claiming to be “free” because the “sourcerers” (companies, of course) know the sneaking way to steal their earnings from everybody via (e.g.) the advertising costs included with everything prices, I wouldn’t assume many are ready to pay anything for serious small (casual) software development.
If you (@DaviCaldas ) know a profession well enough to be able to develop a valuable specialized software solution for those practicing it, you should also know a sample of these people you can ask, to find out what price they might be ready to pay. Whatever the price: No sales, no earnings. Simple?.
(The question may be OT, but its meta aspects are of interest here. Opensource communities live in the real world. There is only one currently.)

Thanks for the advice Lupp!

Some “philosophical” PoV from GNU on selling the software.