How repeat 2nd row but not first?

I see where you can choose to repeat 1 row or two rows, etc, but I want to repeat only second row and leave first row on first page of chart only. This is in Librewriter.

I figured out a work around - I got rid of the first row and added text above the chart, then repeat only new first row. This puts what was first row of the chart above and outside the chart, but it accomplishes basically what I was looking for. I still would like to know if this can be done within a chart.

Workflow in 2nd answer does what I wanted. Thanks. It does seem a little complicated though. I wonder whether the software could be modified to make this an easy option.

I’m not sure quite what you have in mind, but your answer helps a bit. I’m also not sure whether what you mean by “chart” is what I mean by “table”. But with these uncertainties, here’s a “workflow” with a multi-page table with the first “header” row only the first page, and the second “header” row on all subsequent pages:

  • Insert table, check Options [v] Heading, and [v] Repeat Heading Rows on new pages.

  • Type in your non-repeating header text into Row 1.

  • Hi-light (select) Row 2, the right-click in Row 2, and select “Split Table”.

  • click “OK” in pop-up, leaving “Copy heading” (default radio button) selected.

  • Now in the “new” Row 1 (of the full table) replace the non-repeating header text (for Page 1 only) with the text you want repeated on each subsequent page.

  • Click in the space between the two “tables”, and press Delete.

  • The table will now be a single table, but only the second line will repeat on pages; Row 1 will appear on page 1 only.

Is that what you’re after?