How search for text across many ODF (.odt, .ods, ...) documents? [was:] question 91560 is closed, how to do question asked?


closed because irrelevant or outdated.

Is there a current solution?
Can it be linked to the closed question?

All hints what you could try are in the closed question - there is no solution by means of the LibreOffice suite, which isn’t a file manager (on Windows you could use File Explorer, aka Windows Explorer, to find documents containing specific text - provided indexing has been enabled for ODF documents).

Please try to be precise.

Do you want to find the files having specific content, and to get them listed? That’s generally done based on an index maintained by the operating sytem.

Or do you want to get additional information or even the files opened with the findings selected? You would need a specialized program for the task. (It’s possible, e.g, to write one in LibO Basic, but in case of too many/large files with findings the computer might get stuck.)

Always inform about your OS (and its version), and about the version of your LibO (if not obviously irrelevant.)

Supposing your OS is Win, and it still needs special measures to be able to search ODF file types: You may try as described in a guidance (nirsoft) linked to the following thread in an actual forum. NO GUARANTEE OF ANY KIND! i didn’ try it myself:

  1. Loook (cross-platform Python script).
  2. Total Commander file search, tick Office format in search options (Windows only).

If your OS is some Linux with KDE Plasma desktop, utility KFind can search content of files in ODF format. It works fine and is pretty fast. No need of pre-indexing (I have disabled the indexing feature).