How set a certain cell style for whole document in Calc?


It is possible in Writer to choose a certain text heading style and write text in document with that style. But in Calc, how choose a certain text heading style to write all next cells with that style? Calc writes chosen style only a cell, and when I pass next cell the style is changing in that predefined style. I have to select desired style again and again for every cell. Have somebody a solution to escape me of it? I know there is the possibility to select many cells and set them with desired style until to write them, but I want it to be like in Writer.

…but I want it to be like in Writer.

Then you should use Writer and not Calc.

You can also insert tables from Calc into Writer and so you have the advantages of both modules (Writer and Calc).

Calc table in Writer

Either select all cells you want a style apply to and then apply the style, or modify the Default style to have that active for all cells that don’t have another style applied.