how set colors for color and fill in charts

In the Chart Wizard, we can enter ranges for color and fill for each data series. The problem is that I don’t know what to put in the cells.

Presumably the cells could contain numeric codes for colors. That way, each data point could have its own color. But what codes are used? How do I find/derive them?

Also, I have read about property mapping and it sounds like it could be used. In fact, it looks like there used to be a button for property mapping. However, there is such button now. If I want to use property mapping, what do I do? Can anyone share examples?

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The cells have to contain hexadecimal color values converted to decimal values (e.g. 4BFFA9 becomes 4980649).

You can make that conversion in Calc with the formula HEX2DEC($cell) (don’t forget to remove the “#” of the hex values if you have one)

You have to fill in as many cells with color values that you want to colorize chart elements in the specified category.

Each cell selected in the “Range for fill color” attribute will affect its corresponding chart element (column or row) within the category.

For example in this case, even though I created a color for each row of my chart values, since I only selected the first 4, the remaining 3 stayed at the default color (red):

The Column A (blue bars) stayed entirely unaffected since I didn’t set a range for that category in the wizard.

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Darn. Was hoping Data Series Property Mapping would enable defining line properties for XY Scatter plots in Calc 6.4.

What do you mean? Is it this dialog box, do you mean?

image description

Please, which OS and LO-Version do you use?

You can take a screenshot and upload it here. To upload edit your question.

You can see how it works in the guidline.

Please, don’t use an answer!

EDIT 20190527-17.40

I am asking about the data ranges for border color and fill color that are in the screenshot you posted.

I am not sure how to make my question clearer. If I want to set the colors for border color and fill color by specifying ranges, what data needs to be in the cells to indicate colors?

I am using Windows 10 and LO versions and However, I don’t know how the versions are relevant for understanding how this is supposed to work.

I checked, in earlier versions there was no selection “Border” and “Fill”. See documentation. I have also specified different areas from the table, it has shown no effect. Sorry, I can not tell you more about that. See my edited answer.

Thank you for checking. I just re-read my previous comment and realize that it may sound a bit snippy. I did not intend that and appreciate that you are a helpful contributor.
I will try to investigate elsewhere and report back here when I find an answer.

Once a chart has been created, many aspects of it can be editted by Formatting. Double click on a chart to put it into Edit mode, then left-click on an axis, or a data point, or a title, etc. to select it. Then right-click on that thing. (Wait, it takes a moment … ) then a dialog box appears, with an entry for Format Axis, Format Data Series, Format Title, etc. Choose that. Here is a resulting Format box for formatting the area of the bars in a bar chart.

Formatting the border is reached by right-clicking on a vacant area of the chart and choosing Format Chart Area, then choose either the Borders or Area tab.

Formatting of charts is powerful and there are many possible options (though not everything you might think of is always possible). Experimentation is recommended.

Good information. However, I specifically want to know how to specify the colors using the Chart Wizard.

Sorry, I am not able to help with that.