How to activate buttons in calc without a mouse

I would like to use LibreOffice Calc completely mouseless - I can find keyboard shortcuts for most things but note for:-

  1. Selecting a button to be pressed
  2. Selecting an option button

If I cheat and use a mouse once selected I can move between any buttons using a cursor - but how do you initially jump from the cells of the sheet to a button?


Ctrl+F5 to access to the controls, then you can use Tabto move from one control to another and the arrows to change options in a group.


That’s what I thought too but it doesn’t work for me.
I’m using LO and Linux Mint Xfce
CTRL+F5 doesn’t seem to do much at all

Sorry about this… It’s ok for me with on windows 7…

Please check this setting in your office (Also, try assigning another key combination - perhaps, Ctrl+F5 is reserved in your system for another action)

Ahhh now I’m getting there. In my system it would not accept CTRL+f5 as “control focus” but by a bit of trial and error for some reason I was able to assign this to CTRL+SHIFT+W.
Interestingly there were quite a few key combinations that wouldn’t work .
Thank you for your advice.