How to add 2 X axis in Charts?

I have pulled my hair since this is the first time I try to use chart feature in LibreOffice.

What I am trying to achive is to have 2 different x-axis one left and one right. I would like to use linechart.

Date chould be on Y-axis and Temperature on left X-axis and Pressure on left.
Is this possible at all?

Problem is now that pressure is in a different range than temperature and sometimes numbers are negativ.

Are you actually talking of two y-axes? Normally t would expect the dates to be labels or values for the x-axis. temperatures may then use the left y-axis and the pressures the right one. You may try the autoscaling, but manually setting the scales may be preferrable…

Concerning the attempt to close the thread for “duplicate question”:
@Una: Would you mind to explain where the duplicate is?
It is frustrating to think about an answer (or whatever) and to find the thread closed in a doubtable way.
I reopened the thread. Anybody may close it again, of course.