How to add a currency field in Writer?

I am setting up a Writer template to use for taking notes at meetings. I would like to insert a currency field so that I can just input the numbers and the decimal places will be in the right place.

Beginning Balance: $000,000.00
Where the bold represents the field.
When taking notes I would like to be able to input a number such as 2456318 and have it show up as $24,563.18.
I did not see an insert field for currency in Writer so I have no idea if this can be done but it sure would help.

Unless I’m mistaken, you’re talking about Forms. Fields are used to insert the value of the some existing object (bookmark, cross-reference, page number, variable, etc.) at the location of occurrence.

(I know the word “field” is rather ambiguous because it is also used in Forms design to designate a user-editable control. You should have mentioned this form keyword.)

The Forms Controls toolbar has a button labeled More Controls which brings up a secondary toolbar. In this second toolbar, you’ll find a Currency Field which should fit your needs.

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