How to add a default textbox to custom shape

Is there any way you can add a default text box to shapes you have created in draw? Like with the basic shapes, when you double click it, it allows you to write inside. Is it possible to do the same with custom shapes without using text box every time you want to use it in writer ?

If, by “custom shape”, you mean a shape created with the polygon or free form tool, the answer is yes.

Once you have drawn your shape, double-click on it (the cursor should be a four-pointed arrow to tell you you are really on an active part of the shape, not on background). The blinking entry cursor appears. Type your caption.

Note that this caption is somewhat parallel to the first element of the shape.

I recommend that all fancy enhancements to shape be done in Draw. The features in Writer are rather rudimentary and graphic objects badly interact with text flow because they cannot be combined as they can in Draw.

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Worked exactly as I wanted. Thank You!