How to add a new section column without changing the location of text entered?

I have a document with a 2 column section. I want to insert another 2 column section inside the first column. However whatever I have tried, it just messes up the location of the text and creates the new section across the whole page (or both columns).

Update - I want to be clear that I don’t want to have 3 or 4 columns. I only want to have 2 columns for a small section in the first column. To be more specific, I have a resume with 2 columns of information, and I want to add a small section for courses with 2 columns in the first column.

How can I do this, or do I have to use a table?

Temp Solution: The best way I have found so far is to create a table inside the column, and use that. This seems to work, because unlike sections, tables are fixed. Sections, though are not, so they move everything around with them.

Sections are not tables. Sections are a lot different from tables in word processor or tables in spreadsheet document. Your section with two (or four for that matter) columns is still one section and it treats content accordingly. Two columns in spreadsheet are independent, so are two sections – but you have one section and it’s content formated in two columns. Maybe some other approach would work better for you.

You may insert a frame (mind anchoring, width, height, borders) and inside the frame you can divide in columns as well. According to JHancock’s note frames are fixed as well as tables, but text input is easier, because text overflow is built in… But: Frames cannot be larger (taller) than one page they are included…

Maybe interesting this @Miklos blog post.

I would go about this like this: use page styles to set page to have two columns. Insert section with two columns at desired spot.

If you set two columns trough page style, you’re able to insert two column section. If you set two columns by inserting section (not using styles), seams you can’t insert section into section (no nesting), which is shame. Maybe someone else can confirm this so feature request could be reported.

So, if you haven’t used page styles from beginning, use table or tabulators to simulate two columns in first column of the page. Don’t think there is another way.