How to add attachment and send by gmail

I had found an application that attaches LO documents to gmail. After computer crashed I had to reconfigure it, but I can’t remember the name of the application. It may have started with A and had a cutesy name like attachit or addit, etc.
I don’t want to add a separate email client on my computer.

What’s your operating system? Windows?

Any real standalone email software should do, Thunderbird is fine. Don’t try it with Windows Mail, LibreOffice can’t communicate with it.

I just added the Thunderbird and it is working fine. Thanks for that. BUT, I would prefer to use the former add-on that went direct from LO to gmail, without a separate email client in-between. Maybe the administrator will leave this open in case someone can come up with the name of that application. Thanks.

I remembered the name of the application. It is AFFIXA. I used it for about 5 months before my computer had to be rebuilt, and it worked well.