How to add audio to Impress presentation?

I would like to create a short tale presentation using audio files to narrate the story. I’ve tried adding a simple MP3 file to a slide but I can’t get it to play.

How can I do this properly?

What is your operating system, LO version, and file format? Are you are talking about using an audio file for slide transitions or embedding or linking an audio file in a slide? The former is done via Slide Show > Slide Transitions… > under the Modify Transitions section there is a Sound option which has an “Other Sound…” option in the pull-down. This should launch an Open dialog that allows you to select the required file. The latter is done via the Insert > Movie and Sound… menu.

Please describe the expected and observed behaviour. It may be that you need to install the gstreamer- package to obtain the required audio support. As @zimmer points out in the comments below the gstreamer0.10-fluendo-mp3 package seems to provide MP3 support:

Description-en: Fluendo mp3 decoder GStreamer plugin
This GStreamer plugin permits decoding of MPEG 1 audio layer III
streams. It is derived from the ISO MPEG dist10 reference package.

Bug fdo#50342 indicates a problem with audio and the PPSX format.

OS is Kubuntu 13.04, LO is File format is MP3.
I want the MP3 to play automatically while the slide is showing, to narrate the scene illustrated on that slide.
I did try Insert > Movie and Sound, which adds a logo representing the file on the slide with a speaker symbol, which does not show nor play while in slide show mode.

I meant “file format” in terms of whether you are saving to ODP or PPT/X. Sorry for not being clear there. If you want the audio playing during the slideshow then you need to use the Slide Show > Slide Transitions… menu.

I am saving in ODP, but perhaps to publish the file on-line later on I may want this in a PDF format (is that even possible with audio?). I didn’t really think of the final format in fact. Suggestions are welcome. Let me try the Slide Transitions option.

Is there a specific format for sound transitions? MP3 doesn’t seem to work. In fact none of the preset sounds work either.

This thread deals with exporting to PDF with an embedded audio file. It looks like you may need to use an external tool to do this effectively, although it may be worth trying with a recent release (v4.1.2.2) to see if any improvement has been made. Please report any findings you make back here for others. Thanks.

“MP3 doesn’t seem to work.” Do you have gstreamer- installed? It is reportedly required for some formats. What type of MP3 is it? What does the file command report?

gstreamer plugins are installed. File reports “Audio file with ID3 version 2.4.0, contains: MPEG ADTS, layer III, v1, 320 kbps, 44.1 kHz, Stereo”.
But as I said, no sound is played with the default transitions sounds either.

That MP3 looks fine to me. Only related bug I can find is fdo#60776, which is not helpful (different issue). I will look into this further tomorrow.

I can’t get MP3s to play here either. The File type drop-down does not list MP3 as an available file type. I suspect it may be due to not having a gstreamer plugin installed, but there are so many gstreamer plugins that I have no idea which one is required.

installing the gstreamer.10-fluend0-mp3 cured my sound problems for inserting mp3 files into Impress slides.