How to add carriage return in find and replace

Trying to re-format by adding carraige
this should start new line-> returns via “find & replace” in Writer
what is the trick I can’t find?

Now that did not work as expected so I guess I mean either a line break or paragraph break and a point in mid text stream.

What is the CR for? Do you want to create a paragraph break? a line break? or just insert the ASCII control character in the stream without formatting effect (nonsensical in Writer)?

Writer records the formatting using a high-level encoding. It does not use CR per se. So, explain your goal by editing your question (don’t use an answer because this site is not a forum; answers are reserved for solutions).

Sorry, first time user, don’t know how to make answer go away

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CR to me is the effect of hitting the enter key in text mode […].

Text rescued from the activity section of the @Rev-Bill profile (December 31, 2020).

To get a new paragraph symbol (Enter), type \n in the Replace: field, and check Regular expressions.

Maybe your Find: and Replace: fields includes a point (.); you need to escape it with a backslash (\.).

See more LibreOffice Help on Regular Expressions. The $ symbol could be of interest in this case.

Tested with LibreOffice (x67); OS: Windows 10.0.

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