How to add columns to a XY chart/diagram


Please see the spreadsheet:

I like to learn how to make the following chart:

  1. Make a XY chart with data from column B (X-axis) and data from columns C, D & F (Y-axis).
    2.To the chart made at point 1. add column H (Y-axis).


I guess, that you need to skip the columns, which contain text.

For the initial creation, you only need to mark the relevant columns. To generate a selection, which has several areas you can hold down the Ctrl-key while you drag with the mouse. Or you switch to “Add selection”-mode. That is in the Selection mode field in the status bar. When you have selected the columns, then click on the “Insert Chart” icon in the toolbar and select the type XY-chart.

Two methods exists for adding a column to an existing chart. Both start the same way. Double-click the chart, so your chart is in edit mode. Then call the Data Ranges-dialog. That is an icon in the toolbar or find it in menu Format. This dialog has the tabs “Data Range” and “Data Series”.

For the first method use tab Data Range. Click on the Select Data Range-button on the right side. The dialog minimizes to one line. This input field is blue, that means the line is selected. Click into it, so that it is deselected. It should be white now and have the old content. Move the cursor to the end and type a semicolon. Then select the additional column with the mouse. The dialog opens, click OK. Of cause you can enter the needed cell range manually into that input line as well. You can use this method, if all columns have the same size and use the same x-values.

For the second method use tab Data Series. Click on the Add-button. Then click on an item in the upper Data Ranges area. Then click in the associated input line in the lower part. Enter the range manually or use the minimize-button for selecting with the mouse. Do that for all items.

The dialog page has some initial errors. It might be, that the range for x-values is empty, but the field Data labels contains a range. So you might need to correct the existing series in addition to use the correct x-values. The field “Data labels” is not needed in most cases, clear it. Its purpose is to provide a text for the x-values, which can be displayed at the data points. When you have finished, for each data series all items in the “Data ranges:” part should show the correct cell ranges. OK.

Hello Regina

Vielen Dank for the very good guide that works fine. It solves my task. I use Danish with LibreOffice so first I had to install it again to get to get the English Language Pack in order to follow your instructions. There after it was like a walk in the park :slight_smile:

br Carsten

Hello again

Maybe you will be so kind to tell me how to edit the legend names.Now they are the column names and I can not figure out to change them.


br Carsten

You cannot change them directly, but they are always the same as the series names. And the series name is taken from a cell. In the mentioned tab Data Series it is the item Name. You select the cell which is used same way as for the other items.

Note that in this case, the delimiter that is used to add data to a data range is a semicolon. However, the appropriate delimiter depends on the locale setting, set at Tools > Options > Language Settings > Languages. A comma is another common delimiter.