How to add "Distribute selection" to the "Properties" Sidebar?

The sidebar offers a very quick way to operate on single objects and selections, for example for aligning them in various ways, by using the “Position and Size / Align” section of the Properties tab. This is much faster than clicking on the “Format” menu and then the “Align” submenu.

I often need to distribute a selection in various ways, and to do that I need to click on the “Format” menu and from there choose the “Distribute selection” submenu and finally the type of distribution required.

Is it possible to add these different choices to the Properties tab of the sidebar instead, Similarly to what happens with the “Align” commands?

Thank you.

Choose menu Tools - Customize… - Toolbars tab, in the Search field type “distri”, and see all the options there.

EDIT: I can’t see these buttons in the toolbar (version
The other option, not much different, is to open “context menu - choose Distribute Selection”. Source: Distribute.

EDIT 2 after some research: There is a function named Distribution (in the category Documents) that seems not to work. If it works, you can assign it to a shortcut key (say: F9). It will not work for shortcut key; so, you can add shortcut keys to specific distribute variants.

There is an enhancement request (tdf#135894) to add this button to the tabbed UI.

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Hey thank you for this very useful information, and my apologies for using the wrong terminology. What I meant is the sidebar – I edited my question now. I was looking under “Customize…” but don’t seem to find anything there.