How to add drop caps only to first paragraphs of chapters?

Hello, I have a book formatted, and only the drop caps needed to be done. I have 173 small chapters for the book. I want to add drop caps only to the first paragraphs in one command. How to do this in Libreoffice?


To do this, the first paragraphs of your chapter should have received a specific paragraph style (juste like chapter title are styles Heading 1). Then you only need to configure this style in its Dropcap tab.

In case you aren’t familiar with styles, download and read the free user’s manual.

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… and you may setup your heading styles so that the next paragraph style would be this special style with drop caps; and this special style should have next paragraph set to normal chapter paragraph. See style’s Organizer tab.

Thanks, thank you so much!

Once you have completed the instructions above then open the character style list and modify the style ‘Drop Caps’ to select the font you want to use for the enlarged letters. FOnts like Black Chancery work well but the genre of book may influence your selection.