How to add '' to multiple cells at once?

I have a column of 200+ cells of email accounts that do not have the ‘’ attached on the end. They are all listed in a ‘firstname_lastname’ fashion, and they are all hosted on the same provider. I would like to simply add ‘’ to all of the cells at once.

  1. Version, English, Calc
  2. Linux Mint 17.2, English


Select the CellRange in Question and: →Edit→Search and replace

Search for .*
replace with &
with Options:
[x] regular Expression
[x] Selection only

Put ‘’ in a cell somewhere … say cell B2 for example
Lets assume your names are in column F beginning at F5
Insert a new column G or use the existing column G if it is empty.
At G5 put =CONCATENATE(F5, $B$2)
Then just copy this down the column to G205 or whatever the last row of names is.
You now have a column of email addresses!

CONCATENATE is the command which joins strings together.