How to add functions on buttons in the screen?

I once developed an accounting package in ms-accesI once developed an accounting package in ms-access, that I now intend to port to libre base.
But to gain experience, I first do that with an address program, also developed in ms-access.
Everything revolves around this screen:

Here you will see a number of buttons at the bottom of the screen that refer to print functions.
But how do I apply these buttons in this screen iN BASE?


Can only present an answer based upon an educated guess - that these print functions are reports in Base. No indication has been given except that something is to be printed.

You can use a push button to execute a macro to run a Base report. An example and samples are located in this post → Base: Print Button

In case you are not aware, the Base documentation explains connecting macros to events for controls. See → LibreOffice Base Guide. The early part of Chapter 9, Macros, explains this.