How to add left,center,right aligned header?

I want to add a one line header in LibreOffice Writer. However, this header has three different elements, which should be left-aligned, center-aligned, and right-aligned.

How to align different elements in one single line of header?

LibreOffice on Ubuntu 14.04

Alignment applies to a line of text and you cant mix alignment on a line. I have got around this in MS Word, but should also work in Writer.

Place 3 textboxes on the line, one at the left margin, one at the right margin, and one between these. You can set the text alignment to left for the left textbox, centre for the middle textbox, and left for the left textbox. Set the width of the left and right textboxes to be the same and set the middle text box to be exactly between them. Hint - set to show a line around the textbox to easily set the correct textbox positions.

On second thoughts use a 3 column 1 line table as its easier to line it up. Again you can set the text alignment for each of the 3 cells as you want to.


What’s wrong with a center tab and a right aligned tab, both present in the Header paragraph style by default?

Based on the floris v’s comment, I have successfully solved a similar problem of having two texts on a line split and aligned on both left and right margins of a page. The procedure is as follows:

  • add a tab in the horizontal ruler - click left mouse button in the horizontal ruler above the document,
  • in context menu of the newly added tab, choose the alignement - click right mouse button on the tabular mark in the ruler and choose the option,
  • move the tab mark to the desired position on the ruler - drag and drop with left mouse button,
  • separate the two/three desired texts on the line with a single tab - press Tab key, it will automatically place the texts to their correct location.

Thank you very much for point it out, floris v’s!

My LibreOffice is on Linux Mint 17.3

You are welcome Ludovit, but it’s even easier than you thought.

This is really trivial. The inbuilt paragraph style Header, applied automatically to the text in the header, has two tabs defined, one centered and one right aligned. All you have to do is enter the left-aligned text, press the Tab key, enter the centered text, press Tab, enter the right-aligned text.

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F11 - Header - done!

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