How to add multiple rows/cell to print range while skipping some rows?

I have a spreadsheet with a schedule for my employees I post monthly. In the document I work in, I have rows under each week to note confirming a day off, checking shift changes, etc, before printing to post. I understand how to define a print range, but when I select multiple sections, only the first shows as printing.

Example: The following ranges contain all the data:

A1-F7 = Week 1
A9-F15 = Week 2
A17-F23 = Week 3
A27 -F31 - Week 4

I only want to print A1-F6, A9-F14, A17-F22, and A25-F30. I select these ranges by holding CTRL and highlighting the rows in question, but when I hit print/print preview, the only range printing is the first - A1-F7.

As an alternate, I tried excluding the rows I didn’t want to print (A7:F7, A15:F15, A23:F23, and A31:F31). When I do this, the data doesn’t show in the print range, but the formatting still shows (the background is dark grey in each of these cells).

If there isn’t a solution for selecting the multiple blocks I want printed, is there a way to exclude the cells I don’t want to print AND to make the dark grey not show?

I hope this is clear - I’ve googled extensively and can’t find the solution.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

  1. Select cells for one part of your print range.
  2. Format - Print Ranges - Define
  3. Select cells for another part of your print range.
  4. Format - Print Ranges - Add
  5. Repeat as necessary.

Note: this may change Freeze Cells setting.