How to add music to an entire Impress presentation?

I add music to my presentation but when the slide changes music stops??

You can try some mp3 music files here:

Whereas in Powerpoint you can insert a sound and make it play across as many slides as required, Impress does not work the same way. Instead of Insert_Audio, you must open the required slide transition (the first slide, if you want music to play throughout) by Slide-Slide_Transition, click on the sound pull-down, select Other_sound, and choose your music file.

Having said that, currently it appears to be affected by a bug ( See also Impress losing sound files.

That sounds well and good, but what if, for example, I have the slide show set to loop until I press ESC? In that event, the music stops and restarts again. Is it possible in LibreOffice to stop the slide show from doing that; i.e. keep the music playing throughout the loop? Or do I need to copy and paste all the slides a certain number of times?

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Please try the list of steps given by acknak on this page:
Re: adding a music file that will play over several slides.

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You can find a variety of free, free tunes to add to Impress at