How to add page break between file documents in master document libreoffice writer?

I have created master document in libreoffice and added some subdocuments (odt) and I need to put page break between them. Every new document needs to start with new page. I have found some answers on forum but there are not very clear. Thanks in advance!

After page break there is this enter tag that I need to remove, how to do this?

If your sub-documents represent chapters in your book, you have a much more elegant solution than adding manually page breaks in the master.

I assume that your files are all styled (which is a necessity when working with master + subs otherwise formatting becomes a nightmare) and you assigned Heading 1 to the chapter headings.

Then customize Heading 1 in the master to add a page break (before) in the Text Flow tab properties.

An even better approach is to share all styles between master and subs with a personal template. Master and subs should be based on this template. A template brings in the possibility to automatically update formatting of all documents: change the style definition in the template; next time you open a document, you’re asked if you accept the update.

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This works, thank you very much!