How to add page numbers to Draw document

When I add the page number field to the master, it doesn’t show up on the “normal” pages. I’d also like the numbers to be on opposite sides of the page - right and left hand pages. Help appreciated.


it doesn’t show up on the “normal”

It seems to be a little buggy.


What you can do is:

  • View Master page
  • insert some fields (Page Title, Page Count, Page Number) - do they show?
  • If yes, so delete the unwanted fields and the Page Number should remain visible.


Another work-around seems to be:

  • View Master > rename master > Page Number field shows


I’d also like the numbers to be on
opposite sides of the page - right and
left hand pages.

There are no page styles for that. I’m afraid you can’t realize that on the master page. I don’t know, if it’s possible to combine different master pages like in Impress so that you can alternate the master pages. In future it could be possible - I think I’ve once read about it… So my idea is to create your document in Impress. :wink:


Checked on: LO and; OS LinuxMint 19.2-64 Mate

Thanks for the suggestions. I realized that the page number field was “behind” objects (including text boxes) in my document, and that if it was in the corner that would ordinarily be a footer, it didn’t show there, either. I was able to move it so it’s now visible.

Not easy but: Have your pages pane opened on the left side of your screen. On your 1st document page that is opened in your main view page–Insert>Page Number. It will automatically fill with the proper page number. Then get it aligned where you want. Next, Click that Page Number block and activate it so you can COPY. Next, go to your column of pages in that left hand pane and click on each one from top to bottom and for each page press Ctrl-V to place your page number box in the proper place you chose on page one and each page will be numbered correctly. It is time consuming. I tried highlighting all my pages at once in that pane and then PASTE to place the page number box on all pages at once. That did not work. Seems it has to be done individually.