How to add pictures to individual records in Base (forms)?

It’s a database of trees, I can set the table up and create a nice looking form (!) but … ‘Longvarbinary’, the suggested Field Type, is not on the dropdown when I create a table. I’ve tried BLOB and CLOB, but then saving creates various messages, basically saying no-can-do - I can copy-paste a tree picture into the form, but not then save it or the database as a whole without removing the picture.
LibreOffice 6.2
Windows 10
Base (.odb)


Please note that no-can-do is not an error message located in LO. Always post the actual error(s) as it can be a helpful indicator.


You are missing an important item of information - the database being used.

Base has two different embedded databases you can use. HSQLDB uses Longvarbinary for embedding images. For Firebird use BLOB[BLOB] for embedded images (see → tdf#121886 for image issue).

Now with that, it is typically better not to embed images for a variety of reasons. Better to link to them. See this post for linking → How to insert a link to an odb database to display an image