How to add subtotals in Pivot Table?


in LibreOffice Calc is there a way to add subtotals to Pivot Table?
See below sample.


Drag&Drop YEAR into Column-fields

For this very simple sample, this is working fine, but I actually have 10+ columns in real life and moving into Column-fields does not produces the result I like. Useful when there are small amount of columns.

+1 for your answer.

In edit-layout, double-click the row field in which you want the subtotal and select the subtotal operation.

Ahhh… this is really working. It is important to do the subtotals on PRODUCT data only, because adding subtotal on YEAR column has no effect in our sample.

Thanks a lot for this idea. It will make my life much easier.

+1 for your answer and also marking it as correct answer.