How to add the correct word suggestion when I misspell a word?

Hello I added the Spanish dictionary, but when I spell something wrong and right click on it, I am not getting the correct suggestion on Office Calc. Using the Libre Office Suite Version: Thanks.

Hello again. I see that you have the default set for Spanish (Mexico). Therefore, once checking elsewhere to verify the spelling of a word it is possible to add it to the dictionary of terms you wish to use throughout your LibreOffice calc workbooks. It is important to be sure that those terms and spellings are correct before adding them.

Alternatively, it might be possible to consider adding a different Spanish Dictionary. I believe that a Microsoft Spanish Dictionary can be added (assuming that it isn’t already).

Good luck

I have set under Tools> Options> Language Settings>Languages
-User Interface: English USA
-Locale Setting: Spanish (Mexico)

Default Languages for Documents:
-Default- Spanish (Mexico)

Then when I click on Format> Cells> Font
I can see the language selected is Spanish.

It will highlight the incorrect words in Spanish, but I can’t get it to suggest the correct spelling of the word in Spanish.


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