How to add the "New..." context menu in Dolphin KDE


I’ve got OpenSuSE Leap 42.3 with the latest versions of KDE and Dolphin, I guess (I’m not sure how to check the Desktop environment or any other app’s installed version indeed) and LibreOffice When in the browser though, I’ve got nothing related to LibreOffice in the Create New contextual menu. How do I add “LibreOffice Writer Document,” “Spreadsheet” etc.?

On the following page someone suggest going to the “Services” category in Dolphin’s preferences, but LibreOffice is not in the options there there. Maybe a plugin needs to be installed here too - does anyone know how it’s called?

Thanks in advance!

Do these Q&As at either Unix.Stackexchange or help? This is more of an operating system question than a LibreOffice question.