How to add UK English to Swedish LibreOffice

I have a Swedish installation of LibreOffice but I also need to have UK English available. I have tried the suggestions on the links below but they have either been to old, not quite addressed my problem or answered something else

What I need is a simple way to set if a document should be spell-checked in Swedish or UK English so…

How do I add UK English to the menu shown in the image at the link below (Tools->Language->For All Text)?

(edit: activated screenshot -AK)

As far as I understand, you need a spellcheck module for English (UK). Look for it at the extension site. Read this tutorial. If you don’t find an answer, ask a good question.

One way to check spelling in various languages is to use PARAGRAPH STYLES.
To spellcheck in English (UK) and Swedish, you need to have both dictionaries installed as advised above. I use PARAGRAPH STYLES to select which language to use. Use PF11 to display the SIDEBAR, select Styles and Formatting and then the standard Paragraph Style you wish to modify. Right click and select new, modify the name for a language, say Spell-English, use font setting to select the language. Repeat for each language you need to select and away you go.

I advise to read up on STYLES to help LibO make your life much easier.