How to add underline dropdown to format toolbar in Writer 6.0?

In version 5.4, the default Formatting Toolbar had Bold, Italic and Underline, as normal, but instead of just being a toggle button, Underline had a dropdown list option, allowing you to choose single, double, dotted, dashed underline, etc. (seems to have been added in 5.3, and can be seen in the release note screenshots, e.g. File:WriterArrowsToolbox2.png - The Document Foundation Wiki ) – very convenient!

Now, in Libre Office 6.0, not only has it been removed, but I can’t find an option in toolbar customisation to add it back.

What happened to it, is there a way to get in back, and are there any plans to restore it in the future?

With me Windows 10, Version 1809, 64-Bit | LibreOffice, Version: (x64).
The symbol described by you exists with me.

image description

You may have lost it accidentally. On the left side of the toolbar is the so-called handlebar image description. Right-click on it and select Customize Toolbar .... The “Customize” dialog box appears. Select underlined function. Click on the right arrow. With the arrows up and down you can sort the symbol. Click OK.

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Thanks for this! I was using a stable version (6.0 branch rather than 6.1) on Windows 10. For some reason, when I added the new Underline under Customise Toolbar, it came with the drop down list as you say, while keeping the default toggle-button-only underline there as well. Just needed to remove the default one, and yep it seems to be working perfectly! Cheers!