How to Add Watermarks to Individual Cells - LibreOffice Calc?

How do I add a watermark to individual cells (again, not the entire sheet / page - individual cells)?

I want it so that Cell A2 has a “1” in its background, Cell A3 has a “2” in its background, Cell A4 has a “3” in its background and so forth… But I still need to be able to enter plain text in “front” of these watermarks in each cell.

In case you were wondering, I am trying to create a ‘digital’ version of this planner, which will be shown full-screen on a third display / monitor… And I’m happy with the results thus far, but I need a way to be able to number each of the individual cells (for each day of the month).

I just checked it in the LO 7.3.5 Calc: you can choose a Color or Nothing for the Cell background. But you can not choose an image…

@Zizi64 Can you resurrect your previous answer? With an image (png, svg, etc) you can right click, Anchor to cell [or Anchor to cell (resize with cell)] then right click again and select Arrange > To background. No worries with stretching out of shape. Cheers, Al


I forgot to say, it is essential worthwhile to right-click and name each image before sending it to the background to make it obvious which one to select or delete in Navigator. Navigator is only obvious way to select these once in Background. See Hrbrgr comment below for using Drawing bar selection cursor instead.

@EarnestAl ,
You can also click the Selection icon (arrow) from the Drawing toolbar and drag a rubber band across the image to select it.

81461 HB Watermark

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Thanks @Hrbrgr . I didn’t think to look there but it works well, unlike the normal cursor.

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That was not correct, because my memory is cca. 58 years old…
There is not such feature in the Calc…

Just one detail, but the principle was the same. :slight_smile:

I think it should work easier.
Look here:

Extensions » Extensions

I personally use:

Calendar one year / Jahreskalender » Extensions

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It’ll be painstaking needing to insert images 366 times (thankfully, I’ll only need to do this once, before saving it as a template)… But I just tested it, and it works perfectly - the end result is exactly what I was after.

Thanks, @EarnestAl

You can drag and drop which inserts the image which might be easier

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