How to add "wrap text" toolbar button to Calc [solved]

In Microsoft Excel, there is a nice, handy “wrap text” button. How can I get this in LibreOffice Calc?

Verified in LibreOffice Calc, running on Windows 8.1.

Go to Tools → Customize → Toolbars → (select “Formatting” Toolbar) → (scan through the list, see if “Wrap text” command is missing [note: they are not in alphabetical order]) → Add → select “Format” category → select “Wrap Text” Command → Click “Add,” then “Close” → now, back on the previous (“Customize”) screen, drag the “Wrap Text” command down to where you want it (I recommend putting it right after “Merge and Center Cells”). Done. Click “OK” to exit. Highlight a cell and click, or unclick, the button to toggle “wrap text” on and off.

Enhancement request to make this one of the default buttons already present when you install LibreOffice is here.