How to adjust a x and y axis ranges on a chart created in Calc

Libre Office 4, English, Calc charts

Chapter 3 Creating Charts and Graphs

To adjust chart ranges, you first need to be in chart edit mode.

  1. To edit an existing chart, either double - click on the chart or right-click on the chart and select Edit from the pop - up menu.
  2. Once in edit mode, right-click on the chart and choose Data Ranges… from the pop up menu.
  3. In the Data Ranges dialog box you can adjust settings for the entire data range in the Data Range tab or make customised adjustments in the Data Series tab.
  4. To modify a standard chart such as column or line in the Data Series tab, adjust the x-axis range with the Categories text box. Adjust the y-axis range by selecting Y-Values in the Data ranges: list then change the range in the Range for Y-Values text box.
  5. For an x-y scatter chart the x and y ranges appear as individual entries in the Data ranges: list. Select the item you wish to adjust from the list and then change the entry in the Range for… text box.

Cheers John

Thank you very much John! I was really helped by your description how to get to the popup menu for an existing chart (which does not score very high on my personal usability scale, but that is an issue for LibreOffice).