How to adjust distance of text that wraps a text box?

I created a text box and placed inside my main text. I was able to align my textbox within my main text. But I want the main text which wraps the textbox to get closer to textbox from left side. How can I adjust that outside margin of textbox?

Unless you’re designing a form, don’t use text boxes: they are “alien” graphical objects which don’t integrate harmoniously with main text. Instead, use frames which are kind of secondary text/sub-document. Inside frames, all (absolutely all) formatting features are available, notably styles. In addition, frames may be assigned frame styles so that several frames can be guaranteed to have the same formatting and layout.

With frames and frame styles, it is very easy to adjust spacing around the frame. With text boxes, you only have direct formatting which is always problematic in the end.


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thanks, with frame i could do it…